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Falling in Love with Jesus

August 14, 2008

“If women would yearn for closeness with Jesus the way they yearn for closeness with an earthly mate, their lives would be absolutely transformed.”

Isiah 62:5
As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride so will your God rejoice over you.

My homegroup is starting a new study called Falling in Love with Jesus by Kathy Troccoli and Dee Brestin. It is about abandoning yourself to the greates romance of your life. We did the intro video tonight and I can tell it is going to be a good one!!! The intro section has already given me a deeper desire to awaken and go higher with God. As the book says, I need to deeply and passionately pursue Jesus and not try to fill the emptiness of my soul with other loves. Oh how I do that, how easy it is.


Cruise Control

August 9, 2008

Hello out there. If there is anyone out there. Sometimes I don’t know why I keep this thing up but it is cathartic to me and if someone reads it then that is nice. I didn’t think I would enjoy blogging but I do.

So, God spoke to me the other day. I have been trying daily to live for him more and to live for me less. I have been trying to read my bible daily and pray more often. I know what you think that is easy. It really is not. The world is distracting and pulls me away. But in those moments when I am alone with God he speaks to me. The other day I was driving home from TR, for those who don’t know that is Travelers Rest, SC from visiting my grandparents. I was in the car and he spoke to my heart. I hear Perry, my church pastor say this all the time. I have heard GOD speak to me once before and he said “Be Patient” this time he said….. I am going to make you wait.

To preface this story I have had my car a little over 2 years and have not used the cruise control much. So on the way to TR I thought I would try it out and maybe it could help save gas. I was about to try it out on the way up there but nope my nursing judgement got in the way. I was like well if I use it and get in an accident then that will be negligent. And for those non-nurses that is what they use in a court of law is compare you to others in your profession. Now remember there is a cancel button the steering wheel. So I visited with the grandparents and then read the manual before leaving. On the way home I was working the controls and had it set. I liked it not pushing the gas pedal is nice. Well then the car began to speed up which is it supposed to on its own. I didn’t like this so I hit cancel. At that moment God spoke to me and said ” let me have control” I want to auto pilot my life and play the controls when God wants to. He wants to control this adventure and has great things planned for me if I will just surrender. There may be stops, bumps and detours but he will get me there.