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Fall Wednesday

September 17, 2008

Hello out there.  Sorry it has been a while since I posted. Life has been spinning for me and I am finally getting a hold of everything. Work has been crazy to the point of I want to quit. To the point of me questioning why I became a nurse. To the point of wanting to get a box (2 story style) and move into it. I realized alot of it was burnout and my attitude. Also, family life is crazy especially since my nephew started back to school. I have also been suffering from low motivation, energy and a disconnect from god. So how am I fixing these……

1. Job = I do not think it is time for me to quit yet. Wheew. I am burned out. I pride myself in taking time off regularly and have scheduled a 4 day weekend in October. I know what you are thinking I only work 3 days a week but it is 3 long 12hour days. I am on go all day and don’t stop barely to eat. I may not even pee all day. So I am working on my attitude, praying and enjoying the moments when I realize I became a RN. I had one the other day when I was sticking a patient for blood ect. I love that!! I don’t think it is time to start a new job yet but there are many options out there and I will keep my options open. I am also pursing a national ceritification at work so it would not be a good time to leave.

2. My nephew. God bless him. I love him to death. He is gift from God and was saved by a liver transplant almost 4 years ago. I know all the head stuff… God has a plan for him and he is alive for a reason. It just hurts my heart to see him struggle in school. Doctors cannot definately say but the 4 1/2 years he was sick it had to damage him, all those toxins in his body. He did not start learning letters and numbers till he was 5. One blessing is he got a awesome teacher this year and she is so great with him. Thank you Jesus. Solution for this is just trust and pray.

3. Low motivation and energy. Get motivated. I am back to working out and eating better. I feel better when I work out and have started yoga. The other night the instructor put a lavendar scented towel over our eyes and we layed on the floor for 5 minutes. I thought I was one with hardwood floor. It was so relaxing. Hopefully I can keep this up.

4 God Read my bible more and pray more. With the 12 hour days I have nothing to give after work. All I do is eat and shower then to bed. I also have a new wonderful accountability partner that is keeping me in check. God is awesome and I am thankful for his grace which I so do not deserve.