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November 21, 2008

So at work I am on our unit council and we work on solving unit issues and improving our unit. I love where I work and there is always room for improvement. So God has been speaking to me lately. The other day at church right at the begginning he spoke to my heart and said “do you not trust me?” Well yes I trust you. I say I do but why then do I worry about future relationships ect. So I am working on that. I began to think about in my life the strengths, opportunties (nice way to say weaknesses) and barriers that I have in my life and in relationship to God. So here I go…..

Strengths = Newspring Greenville, awesome homegroup, awesome accountability partner, awesome Christian friends, great family, great job, reliable car.

Opportunities= Service that is just mine, read the Bible in a year, more consistent time with God, pouring into my nephews life.  

Barriers= TV, culture, internet, friends, over committment.

I could go on forever but this is just a few I thought of. Maybe this helps you put things in prospective?


Random Thoughts….

November 21, 2008

– I say don’t rake leaves just let them blow into the neighbors yard. That is my plan, working so far and works every year.

– I have to work on Thanksgiving. I know don’t feel sorry for me. I will get paid time and a half and we are having a nice spread of food at work.

– I am now addicted to spinning class. I love it!!! I may have gotten a friend hooked.

– I was going to go to a tennis clinic today but to cold. Tennis may have to wait until the spring 😦

– Hospice rocks. They are taking such good care of my Dad 🙂

– Jodi Picoult is an awesome author. You should check her out.


Exploratory Laparotomy and Comfort

November 7, 2008

I have the medical bug. I love being a RN and love my job (most days). I see license plates and interpret the letters into medical abbreviations. For example, a license plate AFB 311. Well, AFB to me stands for acid fast bacilli as in tuberculosis. I cannot watch a medical tv show without scrutinizing it. It is ingrained in me and I love it. I loves Grey’s Anatomy but go crazy when they use a butterfly need to start an IV. A old type butterfly and they are used to drawn blood not start and IV. Most normal people don’t notice this who knows maybe I will write ABC one day. They need a nurses opinion on the matter at times. But I digress. It is so neat sometimes how God uses the simple title “Exploratory Procedure” in my devotion book to speak to me.  For those non-medical people a exploratory lap is an abdominal surgical procedure where a doctor cute open a person abdomen to explore for injury, infection or to take a look at internal organs. This is not a easy surgery, long painful incision all the way down the stomach. Neither is life. Life is not easy and sometimes it feels as though someone is cutting you open or you are in pain.

The verse was Hebrews 4:12-13. It starts off talking about how the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword, cutting the soul and spirit, between joints and marrow. It exposes innermost thoughts and desires. Nothing is hidden from God and he sees everything. He is the one whom we are accountable.  So I began to think. Wow this got to me. Gods word and God in our lives “invades unseen areas of our lives, exposing dead and damaged tissue” Gods surgical instruments are sharp cutting down to our desires, motives and intentions. So I started thinking what are my desires, intentions and motives behind things? Why do I do what I do? I know in the past year he has been “working” on me. He has found things in my heart and life that needed to be exposed. Dirty icky stuff.  I have felt his grace so much over this past year. I know I have alot to work on but with God I have hope for my life and am excited for what he has in store for me. He has not disappointed me so far!!

On to comfort. God comforted me today. I went to see my Dad. It was not as bad as the other week. I was down for a while but not as bad. Hospice has been awesome to him. He now has a patient assistant, RN, physical therapist, social worker, and much more. I am impressed with how great they are. I did get sad when I heard they are bringing out oxygen and he has an emergency med kit in the refrigerator. This makes it more real but also gives me comfort that things will be there when he needs it.

Until next time…..


God Reigns

November 3, 2008

God reigns over everything. My prayer has been lately for God to reign in my singlesness, my finanaces, my work, my family, my interactions with friends, my nephews life and school, and my dads illness. I know he reigns he is in control when things seem out of control. Well today I got hit with a ton of bricks. Something I was not expecting but knew was coming. Keep in mind I am a RN so I do know qualifications for services. Well my dad is now a hospice patient. He could have qualified months ago based on his disease. It is a good thing, not meaning is he dying sooner just dying. This is so hard. It sucks. It sucks. It sucks. Why my dad? I don’t know. The positive is that he will be getting much better care and services which is a plus. Hospice has more to offer him so now he a nurse on call ect to help out. I can’t wait till Wednesday I get to spend time with him.



November 1, 2008

I am excited today!! I woke up today and was excited!! I have been waiting on this day and not actually knowing it!! What day is it? November 1st. Nothing special but in a year from now I will be totally debt free!! I am pumped. Through sacrifice over the past 10 months I have paid off my student loans. I made the last payment today!! It took me 4 1/2 years to get my education and 4 years to pay it off. I could have paid them off sooner but made other financial decisions (furniture, trips, new car ect). I have grown up financially and started budgeting. I have always been good with money, got my first job at 14 bagging groceries and have been working ever since. It was good for me and taught me the value of money. So now onward to paying of my car and other debt. I need to find a way to motivate myself to work OT. I love my job but 36 hrs of passing meds, call lights and who knows what else I am done. If I could bring myself to work OT I could be debt free sooner. I think I can do it maybe.