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December 19, 2008

1.  WHATS FOR BREAKFAST? I skipped breakfast, slept through it and went straight to  lunch. I had left over chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrell.

2. WHAT WAS YOUR LAST DREAM YOU REMEMBER? I drove a bus like 70 passengar one to the beach. Just had this dream last night.

3. SAY 3 WORDS THAT SAY YOUR MOOD RIGHT NOW? Back hurts (pulled muscle), tired and cold.

4. DO YOU SING IN THE SHOWER? Only along with music. I know my talents and would never try out for American Idol.

5. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE HOLIDAYS? Yes, I am looking forward to spending time with my Dad who is sick and seeing my family. Oh and not having to work. Love a RN we sacrifice holidays to take care of your loved ones.

6. WHATS FOR LUNCH? Just told you.  Just ate it. Left over Cracker Barrell.

Hmm. this is so hard I am not one to toot my own horn. But I am proud of a person and what I have done to help him. My nephew and the progess he has made with the help of my whole family. We are  team. Don’t mess with the Garrison women. I see it daily in his school work and personality.


9. YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THE DAY IS? Um.. well when I am at work it is lunch. On my day off it is when I see a red haired freckled face 8 year old walk out of school and to my car 🙂

10. WHAT IS YOUR DEEPEST REGRET? I would not say it is a deep regret but not learning any of my Grandmothers recipes before she had a stroke.

11. READING ANYTHING RIGHT NOW? Change of Heart by Jodi Piccoult. She is great and I have never read a bad book by her.

12. WHATS FOR DINNER? Something on the menu where ever my date take me tonight. Yes! You heard that right. I have a date tonight!! Go me!!



December 10, 2008

So I may be at work, at the gym, driving in the car or doing something and a random thought pops in my head. So here they are and other random stuff.

1. Why does the SCDOT put gravel in a pothole and not drive over it with the roller thing and just let us (cars) do it? Which never works and the asphalt gravel ends up on the side of the road. I may call and ask this question. I will get back to you.

2. My gym has holes and markings for hooks in the women’s bathroom. None? I may call and ask membership. I have not complaints but for my money I want a hook 🙂

3. My nephew hid some of his makeup work in my trunk the other day. Sneaky sneaky. Did it through the opening in the back seat. He should have hid it in his mothers car she would never find it 🙂

4. My nephews lab work was the same not worse about the same. I am using the perspective theory. The LFT’s could have gone up. I love Cincinnati Children’s ( and trust them with his life. So labs in a few weeks.

5. It is raining. I love rain. A lake is forming in our yard. Yeah!! Means the ER is going to be busy with stupid people speeding and causing accidents

That is it for now. PS I called the SCDOT and they said I had a legitimate complaint. Will get a call back in a few days. Citizen Jill taking action. Use my tax dollars to fix the road. Peace.


God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man*

December 8, 2008

Do you know what that song is? Veggie Tales.  You know Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber. I know this I have a nephew. So the song goes “God is bigger than the boogie man he is bigger than a monster ect…

I was blessed today. I was supposed to work and got a call at 0527 that I was called off!!! Sweet!!! I went turned off the alarm and rolled over. What was sweet about it is that I got to go to church today. I work every other Sunday and don’t mind but I really needed to go and God knew that. Also, church took out all the security and medic staff to Caraba’s. Yummy!! So the sermon was awesome and Perry ( laid it out there. He always says things they are right on but today I swear he looked right at me, via video screen and hit the nail on the head. He said “in Christ you have power. You have power over a bad medical report” I know that God is soverign. I know that God is good and I trust him. I grew up in church. But and there is the but I have been getting pounded lately. Does God have sense of humor and enjoy torturing me? Why my life? Everyone else is fine?

So my nephew gets lab work done periodically post his liver transplant. Last time his numbers were off. This past Friday his liver function tests were up again.  Something is up. I have a clue it is the increased dose of Ritalin he is on. I am RN and don’t we know more than doctors. JK. But seriously I have done some research and not quacky internet sites. Who knows that may not be it and it may be nothing. It may be rejection or something else. So please pray for him. Pray for good results on Tuesday.  I will keep you posted. I know God is in control just needed to be called off work and reminded today. Do you trust God? I mean truly trust him when nothing makes sense?


212 The Extra Degree

December 4, 2008

So at work they started a new hourly rounding program on patients and decided to inspire us with a video series. So now we have posters and mouse pads with 212. Seriously it does not change what I do at work. I always rounded on my patients before. The series is good and made me think about life and how “one extra degree can make a difference” “one extra degree of effort seperate the good from the great”. Another one of my favorite quotes is “to get what we’ve never had we must do what we’ve never done” This video made me think if we each gave a little bit of extra effort in life how different things would be. So I was thinking if I gave more effort at work (I gave all I had Tuesday), more effort in my relationship with God, more effort in budgeting and debt reduction how different things would be. I hope you enjoy and are inspired!! Great quotes also!!


When You Say Nothing at All

December 3, 2008

So driving the other night my siter’s house and I had a conversation with God. I was driving up a windy road with the moon and stars shining. My sister lives near Paris Mtn so it is always a pretty drive 🙂 So the song by Allison Kraus “When You Say Nothing At All” came on. I love this song; the words and music are beautiful. So I said to God I am ready. I am ready to start a new chapter in my life. Ready to have a husband, ready for a family eventually. I know I can do it, I practically helped raise my nephew. I know God has a plan and the perfect man for me but is hard to be patient. Hard to be patient when you are lonely. I am not by any means lonely and desperate but trusing God. This lonely state will pas but I cannot wait to meet my future mate and friend.


Miss FixIt

December 2, 2008

So it does not seem like my prince charming is coming around soon. Well I hope soon but a girl has got to take care of herself. I was raised in a single mother home. Three women no men and things broke. One time we fixed the toilet with a christmas tree hook. It lasted. So I am hoping to buy a house this time next year and will need some skills. So far in the past few weeks I have installed two door knobs, a toilet seat and next I will change my windshield wipers. Do you know what wing nut is? I do now. Ladies look behind/under the toilet unscrew it and the seat will come of. Just a little tip free of charge from Miss Fixit. I will let you know how the wipers turn out but there is always Auto Zone if it goes south. So far I have prepared by watching a informational video on Wish me luck!! I will keep you posted!!


Where Shopping is a Pleasure

December 1, 2008

Do you know the slogan? Can you guess it. Publix!!! I love Publix. Many people say they are overpriced I say maybe but I am willing to pay. I hate Walmart that place makes we want to have a panic attack. I almost have a seizure from all the bright fluorescent lights. I try not to go there for that reason. Also, they tried to take settlement money from a employee who was injured for life in an auto accident. Just google it. Come on. They are a multi-billion dollar company they don’t need this ladies $417,000 which she needs to take care of herself for the rest of her life. That is chump change. I only go there when absolutely necessary or when I need something I cannot find. For me I would rather pay more at times than go to Walmart. But I move on to why I like Publix. My friend Lori will love this post since we are both Publix coniseeurs.

So on Sunday and Monday they have a penny item if you spend $10.00. You should check it out. It is always a Publix item which is nice quality. Today I got a pizza for a penny. Sweet!! They also have great bogo items. I love it and macaronia and cheese was on sale. I love mac and cheese after a good workout. I know eating the whole box defeats the purpose of working out but I don’t workout to loose weight.  Another reason I love Publix is they have bagger and they don’t smash your bread like other stores. Did I mention the free carry out and the slanted parking spaces. I like that. They also pick up carts regularly so they are not out freely ready to hit your car. The produce is also always fresh!! The employees are always nice and willing to help you find whatever you need. And to top it off free antibiotics which I may need sometime. So Publix on Woodruff I will see you again in two weeks 🙂