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2009 January Goals Update

January 30, 2009

So to keep me self accountable and if anyone else who reads this wants to ask me I have decided to update on my 2009 yearly goals monthly.

1. Read the Bible in a year. Well I would say I have failed well not failed but have put so many other things before this. I am back on the wagon. I give myself a hard time not keeping up with things. I need to chill out and just start again and keep moving forward. In my homegroup we have been studying Romans. What a great book!! Gods give us grace so I need to extend it to myself. Enough said.

2. Become debt free in 2009. I am doing great!! Managing my money well and I almost have my car loan below $10,000. I did have some medical tests done this month so I have not yet seen those bills. I don’t use my inscurance much so I may have to pay a big chunk. Great 🙂

3. Run a 5K and 10K. Well as any person would know you need to run a 5K before a 10K. So I was going to run the Cooper River Bridge Run but due to cost and other reasons that is out. There are alot of good races in Greenville so I will be signing up 🙂

4. Read 52 books in a year. I am on number 3 another Jod Picoult book. You should check her out.

5. Work OT. Not yet. May but work is cracking down on OT and it has been horrible lately so I don’t know if I can drag myself in for another shift. Time will tell.


What We Can Learn…

January 30, 2009

So I know you are thinking what can we learn from Starbucks to apply to our lives. Well Starbucks the leading coffee shop in the world is stopping brewing decaffeinated coffee after 12noon. This will save them 400million by September of this year. The skinny of the story is that Starbucks is wasting alot of product and in today’s market that is not okay. Now I like Starbucks like most people but try to limit it. I love coffee but make it a treat. I know people who spend a lot of money on coffee, well that is not in my budget. Side not don’t try to new Chai Tea ( I had a free coupon) horrible!! So why am I bring this up you may ask? Well I was convicted to ask myself how much do I waste? I am a Dave Ramsey fan as many may know. I am working on getting out of debt, car will be paid off May/June of this year!!!! So ask yourself how can you save money in your every day life? I will never see millions of dollars but can manage what God gives me with respect and thankfulness.


I am Stupid

January 21, 2009

So I have never been on a diet but I know what it is like now. Man it stinks not being able to eat things you want. Today I had a nice large piece of pepperoni pizza from Whole Foods. It was wonderful. It was a reward for the tortue I endured the hour before in spin class. Lee D is an animal and I love her. She is an awesome spin instructor. I know I know pizza makes my workout null and void but I am not working out to loose weight. I could stand to gain a few pounds. Which thank you I have gained 4 this year per my MD.

So why am I stupid. I am a RN I know that fatty foods will  make my gallbladder worse. But I am tired of bland food. Chicfila is not the same with a grilled sandwich and fruit.  So now I get to endure the the sharp adominal pain from the pizza. Until then I hope to get it removed ASAP!!!!


2009 Goals

January 6, 2009

I see the need to put these down in writing maybe it will help me to stay accountable. 2008 was a great year I would say the best yet and I can’t wait till 2009.

1. Read the Bible in a year!

2. Become debt free in 2009!

3. Run a 5K and a 10K in 2009! Along those lines work out 3-4 days a week. This is to include yoga, spinning, swimming, weights and running.

4. Read at least 52 books this year!

5. Work OT to help pay off debt faster……

I will keep you updated on these goals throughout the year!