February 23, 2009

Uno. Just me. Table for one please. No I don’t go out to eat alone but it sounded good. Friday and Saturdy night alone. So with the dreaded February 14th and a recent relationship ending I got lonely. It happens from time to time. Today at church, I had an awesome conversation with a great Christian brother of mine. He lifted me up and reset my perspective. Basically focus on God and things will work out. God revealed to me today that what I thought of as relationship failures was just him protecting me. I don’t need to give away pieces of me to the wrong guy. Below is a good quote from a guy named Lee McDerment. I love it!!

When you are single…    YOU ARE NOT SHOPPING, YOU ARE IN THE SHOP…You are not out looking for a perfect match…Its not about upgrading or trading in…It’s about realizing that YOU AND I ARE THE ONES IN NEED OF AN OVERHAUL… 

He went on to say something like, Most likely the reason you are single is because God’s not satisfied with your current state.  He needs to see you at another level or in another place before he places the responsibility of stewarding an amazing relationship that honors HIM.

So I say bring it God. Lord work in me, use this time to make me better and closer to you.


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