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March 17, 2009

I received a gift last night. Not something wrapped up in paper with a bow. Not bought in a store but even better!! God knows just how to make a person smile. He knows exactly what we need even before we need it. That is why I love my God. It says in Psalms that he is my refuge, strength and that his love is everlasting.

The gift was my Dad answering the phone. No he did not actually press the button to answer but his verse was the first I heard. See I usually talk through my step-mom to my dad. But yesterday I got to talk to him hear his raspy voice and I enjoyed it 🙂


Where Is My Bailout?

March 8, 2009

So my church is doing a new series called Where Is My Bailout. I loved it today. It was a great sermon and it hit home with me on more than one level.

So the first level was about finances and I know it always gets tense in church when money is mentioned. Well, God does not want fear to control me. God is not worried about the economy and has my best interest in heart.

On the second level it hit me. I have already received by bailout. God sent his son Jesus to die for me. I was heading as Perry likes to joke on the highway to hell. I do not deserve this but he took care of it for me. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Project Economy

March 3, 2009

So we all know we are in a recession. Everyone is talking about the economy, jobs, the housing market and the stimulus package to name a few. So I have decided to do a series of posts on my project economy. So I am starting to take a look at how I spend money and how I can save. I am budget girl and am paying off debt. There are a few things I cannot give up such as my gym membership. Love it!! But now I am looking into couponing and going back to the envelope system. You may ask what is the envelope system? Well it is using cash for things where you tend to over spend such as eating out, groceries and blow money. So I ask how are you managing your money?


Snow and Tears

March 3, 2009

So as most people know by now Greenville got dumped with snow yesterday. I love snow. But the one thing that stinks is my job. I love nursing but sick people don’t go home when the weather gets bad. Nurses and all staff are expected to be there. I know I would want my family member to have a nurse. So, when I am at work for 12 hours I may not even look out a window. I heard predictions of snow but did not even know that anything was happening until friends started getting pictures via cellphones of the snow.

So 7pm comes and praise the Lord all the nurses come in. So guess what? I can go home. They all said the roads were getting bad but I was not going to stay at work. No No No. I would rather wreck my car than stay at work. So the long trudge home begins like this. Crank car at 7:15pm sounds bad and is cold so I let it warm up. Next, turn on Chris Tomlin so I can praise Jesus all the way home!! Apply seat belt and place phone nearby. Say a prayer for safety. I get out to Augusta Road and there is large processional of hospital staff going down Augusta Road. I make it slipping and sliding. Turn right onto Mauldin Road and get behind a truck which is making large tracks. Try to stay behind this truck which helps.

In homegroup we talked about how decisions we make impact our lives. Even simple ones. How God guides us away from things we may not even know. I knew God was there with me but could not decide whether to get on I-85 or go through Mauldin. Well no one was turning onto the interstate so I follow the cars through Mauldin. Once I got stuck. I mean stuck like you get out of your car and don’t know what to do. Another guy was stuck so I just sat there and prayed. I turned the wheel and gunned it and got out. Praise Jesus. This incident was right near the poo poo plant. If you live in Greenville you should know where this is. What a horrible place to get stuck. Okay okay I will end the suspense. After much sliding I made it home in 1hr and 5 minutes at 8:20pm. My usual time is 20minutes. I made it home safe and sound but with tears in my eyes.

You know it is hard to drive with tears in your eyes. Off goes Chris Tomlin on goes peppy music. Chris does it to me everytime. Why was I crying you ask? Well see my dad is sick. I kdon’t know how much longer he has. He is having trouble breathing now which saddens me. The reason I was upset is that I know he would want to help me now but can’t. See we had a rough relationship in the past but are good now. So being in the snow, frigtened and alone I thought who would I call? I have no husband and I have no Dad who can help me. God spoke to me and I know I have a heavenly father who will always be there for me. What is awesome is that God has placed men in my life who have agreed to help me if need be. Mr.Coffey and Mr. Williams both said they would be my stand in helper. So thankful for them!! Tonight I am sitting her thankful to be warm and at home.